WMC has implemented several projects in Kerala to help the economically disadvantaged, which include village adoption, women’s employment training, scholarship for poor children, old age care etc. WMC has provided timely help to the Tsunami victims in Quilon and Alleppy districts in Kerala and has built a community center and library in Ayiramthengu. WMC has established a Mobile health Care unit, which provided home health care for the poor in various districts in Kerala. WMC provinces in Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Houston, New Jersey, Dallas, Kuwait, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddha, Bahrain etc. have implemented local charitable projects. Chennai province through its Hridayaragam project assisted 165 poor children with heart problems to undergo heart surgeries in Madras Medical Mission hospital.

The most recent and successful project of WMC is Kerala is Altius to build a new generation of globally competent and socially committed Malayalees. It started with district camps where about 100 students attended in each district participated. A final state camp was held in Lulu Center, Trichur on December 28 and 29 in which 12oo college students participated. The program was inaugurated by the chief Just of India, which was attended by Padmasree G.K. Menon, Yousef Ali etc. A follow up one day camp was held in Muscot Hotel, Trivandrum on January 4 and former president of India Dr. Abdul Khalam addressed the participants and gave inspiration. WMC currently is in the process of forming Altus clubs in all colleges in Kerala. About 20 students attended the WMC seventh global conference in Doha.

WMC organizes biennial conferences to conduct official meetings and election of global officials and set the agenda for the future. The 2008 sixth global conference is being conducted in Singapore. Previous biennial conferences were held in Singapore (2008), Cochi (2006), Bahrain (2004), Dingden, Germany (2002) and Dallas, USA (2000). WMC seventh global conference and fifteenth anniversary is scheduled was held in Doha, Qatar from July 28-30, 2010. The eighth global conference is scheduled to be held in Dallas, Texas, USA in May 2012. The Nineth Global conference was held in Kumarakom, Kerala in April 2014.


A non-profit initiative to impart quality training to students.

ALTIUS, a non-profit initiative of World Malayalee Council, intends to impart quality training to students of various colleges in Kerala to groom them to be 'Globally Competent and Socially Committed' leaders of tomorrow.

'Altius' is the Latin word for 'higher'. A celebration of youthful creativity, Altius strives diligently to awaken the higher self within every student, to rise higher in their thoughts and lives without losing the values. Our goal is to be instrumental in developing a large pool of young leaders/cadres to influence their respective communities. Altius students will show the difference wherever they are and in whatever they do. Started in 2009, Altius has rendered free residential training through district-wise Altius Camps to several thousands of college students, and it is our earnest belief that in the next ten years, Kerala will be revolutionized by this generation with its positive attitude, vision and actions.

To know more about this silent revolution in Kerala pioneered by the World Malayalee Council, click here



World Malayalee Cooperative is envisaged as platform to convert the ‘Social Capital’ of the Malayalee diaspora into resource for action. The World Malayalee Cooperative shall work towards

  • Establishing a World Malayalee Centre and a museum of Kerala History at the headquarters of the Society to promote integration and connectivity for Malayalees living across the globe.
  • To provide legal, economic and social support and credit facilities to Non resident Keralaites who return to Kerala/India after working abroad/outside Kerala.
  • To provide legal, medical, financial and strategic support and assistance to rescue and or rehabilitate Malayalees who get entangled in political/civil unrest, undue/unhealthy labour conditions etc. while working outside Kerala or while proceeding for such employment.
  • To provide credit facilities and services to the Malayalees and their family members.
  • To promote self help and mutual help groups among members and cooperatives.
  • To establish technical and educational institutions for providing training in foreign languages, cultures and competitive examinations for those who seek employment or studies abroad.
  • To establish consumer stores, textile shops, rest houses, hotels, hostels, service centers, travel agencies tourism centers etc.,
  • To act as an agency of foreign exchange money transfer.
  • To provide credit facilities to Malayalees who return to India or plan to return after working abroad for staring and establishing business or other ventures anywhere in India.
  • To provide long-term credit for construction of new house, purchase of house, repair and expansion of house or construction and purchase of any type of land or buildings.
  • To provide educational loans, consumer loans, vehicle loans, agricultural loans, emergency loans, self employment loans etc. to members and their families.
  • To act as an agency of money transfer, supply of goods and services to A to E class members and for the customers.
  • To construct, acquire and maintain office building stores service centers, go downs etc., for or required to carry out the objects of the society.
  • To enter in to the technical or financial collaborations with any domestic or foreign agencies/countries in furtherance of the objectives of the society.
  • To attain land, building, vehicle, and machinery to carryout the objects of the society.
  • To export and import goods and items allowable as per the rules.
  • To open branches or business centers in any places of India and aboard.
  • To appoint members as agents in cities aboard or India for promoting the economic interest and development of Malayalees and their families.
  • To raise funds for the society by way of share capital, loans, deposits, incentives, donations, interest, commission or any other way as per the rules and the sub rules framed by the board from time to time.
  • To conduct seminars study classes, meetings, trainings, entertainment, cultural or educational programs for the socio-economic, physical, cultural spiritual development of the members and customers.
  • To undertake all other developmental activities for the attainment of the object of the society.