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WMC Sydney Executive Committee Meeting on April 10th 2016.....See Pictures

Welcome to World Malayalee Council - Sydney Province

World Malayalee Council was formed on July 3, 1995 in New Jersey on the last day of the first World Malayalee Convention. WMC was formed to network Malayalees around the world. Sydney Province is the 48th province of this big global community. The mission of WMC is to create a global Malayalee community able to communicate and cooperate each other and continue the connection through generations thus maintaining the Malayalee identity for years to come. WMC is a movement of Malayalees propagating change in the attitude of a Malayalee to make them better human beings and demand the members to under go the following five way tests

  • Are you willing to help others?
  • Are you concerned about the poor and the needy?
  • Are you straight forward and trustworthy?
  • Are you fair and impartial?
  • Will you build friendship and good will?

  • WMC has a three tier organizational structure, a global council , six regional councils, America , Europe , Africa , Middle east , India and Far East & Australia and local units called Provincial Councils. Membership in WMC is in the provincial councils. Each province serves as the body serving the local Malayalee community. WMC has a publication called World Malayalee Journal , which is now published by the global council quarterly. WMC operates a web site - www.worldmalayalee.org, which provides information about WMC, its organization, bylaws, names of officers, news about the activities and other information. WMC awWMC also has International Forums. The Youth and Women's forums are formed in all provinces, which also has a three tier structure.

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